miércoles, julio 09, 2008

Música: Freedom Has It's Price - The Templars

Letra de "Freedom Has It's Price"

Don't need no politicians
don't need no ministers
don't need a dead end system
where you're freedom's as good as dead
Don't wanna pick sides
don't wanna have to choose
I've got my own ideas
and I've got my own views
Now don't tell me you believe in their lies
You'll never know freedom, freedom has its price
Don't wanna live in fear
of some secret police
who've got you on file
and know everything you've did
Don't wanna be ruled by the chose few
whose interest is personnel gain
I want my voice to be loud and strong
not a scream from the bottom of the heap

3 comentarios:

Stewie Griffin dijo...

Para que luego no digan que soy un sectario, xD.

Anónimo dijo...

ei stiwi,
has escuchado alguna vez rap????
te recomiendo estos grupos
-folie a trois


Stewie Griffin dijo...

Cada vez menos, la verdad es que no sé porque, pero si que me gusta.

Muchas gracias!!