viernes, abril 25, 2008

Música: Abolish Government/Silent Majority - TSOL

Abolish government
There's nothing to it
Forget about God [sic!]
He's not here to see [sic!]
We live by our system
Our perfect mold
People serving people who are poor and old
Lives are spent on the ladder of success
Looking for nothing in this
In this worthless mess
President's a name
President's a label
The highest man on the government table

America Land of the free Free to the power of the people in uniform

People are so blind they just can't see
Send your son to bootcamp Send him off to war
If he comes back he'll be dead and nothing more
Struggle for a land, for a country, for a freedom
All you mindless people looking for someone to lead them

Wake up to the same old s#!t
Live your life to suit their fit
Some people they don't like your hair
Policemen they just don't care
Snipers that want to be
Rifle sites are aimed at me
Wake up silent majority

The government they don't want us here
You folks can't feel that fear
You can walk the streets today
You can walk in your own way
People think that I'm crazy These people just can't see
Wake up silent majority

Live your life
Day by day
Doing everything
That they say
Silent majority
Promote freedom
Let it be heard
Don't forget that its only a word
Silent Majority
When you gunna wake up?

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